AquaSoft Herts established in 1998 covering areas in both North London and Middlesex.

The product range brands such as Crown, MiniMax and Nu Wave softeners. However, if there is a specific product outside this range which is required, it is normally possible for this to be obtained.Aqua Soft have been seeing the results of hard water use for many years. Kettles that constantly fur up, irons that develop huge white patches on the base or blocked jets have been a problem for a great deal of customers. We can offer a domestic water softening system that works simply and easily for all .

Products include:-

Ecowater Systems ~
Minimax M2 Systems ~
Three Way Taps ~
Crown Block Water Softeners ~
Nuwave Water Softeners.

The benefits from softening water in commercial establishmentsis endless from Launderettes to limit limescale production and keep machinery in tip-top condition, to health centres wanting to provide silky, soft showers.


Our Address:

12 Lybury Lane, Redbourn, Hertfordshire. AL3 7HU